Always keep close attention to your competitors

Every business has its own competitors in their field. And if anyone is saying that there is no competition in his or her business then it’s not true. Actually almost all businesses have its own competitors and competition. There are very few business men whose products are completely unique or there is no alternate of their products.

Generally it can be considered that there are competitions in every business and this is not bad because if there will be competition then companies will be motivate to improve the quality of their products or services to make it unique or different than their competitors. Therefore, if there are competition in your business then first of all you need to consider that in which area of products or services you can do improvement to make it unique or too much better as compared to your competitors.

As a business man, you need to keep a close attention on your competitors and keep a deep knowledge about the quality of their products, improvement in their existing products, market share of their products or new features and quality of the new products. If you will keep attention on these points then your company will be able to do better improvement in the existing or in new upcoming products. But how it will be possible? Well! you need to setup a separate team for R&D and allot a separate budget to them for improvement in your existing products or to launch the new products which are much better than your competitors. R&D team take a survey and feedback about the existing products and improvement options from existing customers so that they can develop a product as per  their requirement. Also, they improve the features of existing products according to their knowledge and skills and then take a feedback from their customers.

Written By: Live Contact Leads

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